Empowered Aging Mentor Program



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What Really Matters?

Are you…

ready to consider a perspective of aging that includes potential for purpose and growth?

curious to explore limiting thoughts about aging, and reframe them in a way that promotes compassion and possibility?

seeking support in dealing with challenges related to aging?  

Purple-Line-Divider-e1422387271450-150x150If you are  motivated to explore what really matters and engage in life more fully, the Mentorship Program may be a bridge to a more empowered path of living and aging.  Whether you are taking  first steps or wanting to deepen your awareness, together we will tailor a plan to meet your needs and goals. Some areas we may explore include:

Reflection on your worldview, beliefs, and assumptions. How might they be limiting you or holding you back?

Mindful attention toward greater self-awareness. What do you need to surrender or leave behind?  What still needs healing or forgiveness?

Life Review and/or Soul Memoir: What has shaped and transformed you?

Death Makes Life More Precious : What do you need to do to prepare for end of life in a way that empowers and supports you?


Sessions are telephonic or via the online Zoom video app. Weekly 45-50 min. sessions with an initial 4 week commitment is strongly recommended to optimize benefits to you.  Please know that these are not therapy sessions, my role is that of facilitator and supportive guide. The journey is yours! Contact me to discuss your goals and how I might be of service. Suggested investment is based on sliding scale to make it as accessible as possible.  It would be my privilege to assist you on your seasoned path!