Aging is not merely about the body losing it’s poise, strength and self-trust.  Aging also invites you to become aware of the sacred circle that shelters your life.”   from Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom by John O’Donohue


The final third of life is a great opportunity for spiritual, emotional and psychological growth.  And yet in our youth-obsessed culture, there is fear and anxiety about growing older, especially for those who enter their later years alone.

In the IONS Conscious Aging Program, participants learn to:

Explore their unexamined, self-limiting beliefs and assumptions about aging and learn to make better choices about how to age more consciously.

Develop the skills of self-compassion to cope more effectively with the stresses associated with aging.

Discover what has given heart and meaning to their lives and how that can enrich their intentions for a healthy aging process.

Identify the regrets, sufferings, and negative self-concepts that have kept them from more fully appreciating themselves and their lives;

Minimize any feelings of isolation from others and deepen their relationship with the world around them;

Learn to manage their fears and those of their loved ones in the presence of death through the transformative power of surrender and acceptance; and

Cultivate a personal roadmap for their own aging journey by deepening their spiritual life and learning to make each moment matter.


Please know that the workshops are interactive and experiential and are not therapy groups;  the facilitator’s role is to guide and support only.

You are welcome to contact me directly for additional information, to inquire about upcoming online experiential courses, arrange for workshops hosted for a group of 6 or more friends in your home, or for your organization or workplace. Program cost varies based on the time and format.

I look forward to exploring and sharing with you!