For over 40 years I have assisted others in navigating life transitions.  As an RN I was a Board Certified Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse for 15 years in a variety of settings. My vision for a body, mind and spirit approach led me to develop a private consulting practice, incorporating stress and pain management, creative expression, and holistic  psychology.

My career path subsequently led me to Hospice, sharing the end of life journey with individuals, their families and friends. Those beautiful and humbling experiences provided valuable lessons that continue to guide me now.  What I learned  also supported me as I accompanied my mother on her long journey through mental health issues, Alzheimer’s disease and her death.

As an Age Appreciation Advocate, I believe so much is possible at this seasoned stage of life. When we come together to share our collective wisdom, we are a powerful force. With our intention to reframe aging, we have the potential to cocreate a worldview that is inclusive for all. 

I bring my life experience, professional knowledge and tools I have accrued as a facilitator, guide, teacher and always, to the end, student. Thank you for visiting Seasoned Pathways!


 (PHOTO CREDIT: Lotus Pond, India by Evalina Everidge)